How and Where to Sell Used Restaurant Equipment with Profit?

How and Where to Sell Used Restaurant Equipment with Profit

When you lose your restaurant business, it is best to sell the equipment rather than store them anywhere. Also, storing them for longer will only bring a loss to your economy.

Thinking you’ll use them in a new business?

Well, that won’t be a good idea either. Because these will only drive your customers off, causing you more loss. So it’s best to sell them at a good price point.

Wondering who will buy these old used items?

Trust me; there are a lot of them looking for such used items.

So, where to sell used restaurant equipment with high profit?

Continue reading until the end and decide which option you are going to choose.

Why Should You Sell Used Restaurant Equipment?

There can be a lot of reasons for it.

For example:

  • If you shut down your business because of the debts, you can sell off the used restaurant equipment to pay off a few of that.
  • Running a successful restaurant business will require upgrades or changes in the ambiance. For that, you will need to sell off those and bring the new ones to your restaurant.
  • When you are selling your business to start a new one, it is best to sell the old equipment as well and buy some new ones for the new business.

Where to Sell Used Restaurant Equipment?

You can sell used restaurant equipment in two different ways – online and locally.

Let’s know the details below:

Sell Used Restaurant Equipment Online:

  • Look for online vendors and get in touch with them right away. There are a lot of vendors who buy and sell old business equipment. They love to stock a good collection of these in their inventory. So, you can contact them, tell them about your supplies and negotiate the price.
  • You can use eBay; It is one of the biggest online marketplaces where people can sell their used equipment. There are millions of potential customers who can look at what you have to offer, but you’ll have to deal with the shipping issues.
  • Facebook Marketplace is another good place. If you are working with the neighborhood, shipping expenses won’t be an issue. They have the option of visiting you or bringing the equipment to them. In either case, you’ll be able to sell your items to buyers.
  • You will find several websites and online groups where you can freely advertise your equipment. You can also try Amazon or online discussion groups to reach a larger audience.

Sell Used Restaurant Equipment Locally:

  • Look for the local vendors in your area. You can find local dealers who buy and sell used restaurant equipment if you live in a big city. The greatest approach to guarantee the highest price for your products is to get in contact with several vendors.
  • Auctions are a great option. These are excellent resources for customers. You will be able to sell your items in large quantities. Here at Jones Swenson business liquidation auctions, we can help you to sell your used restaurants. We can also arrange auctions for you to get the best price.
  • Put up advertisements. It can easily grab the local or Facebook Marketplace as options. Both options provide you with a cheap or free way to reach a huge number of people for your used restaurant equipment.
  • You will have one added benefit in case of local sales. Your used equipment will be worth a lot more if you can stay away from rental trucks and shipping containers.

How to Sell Used Restaurant Equipment?

Follow the below five steps to sell your used restaurant equipment:

  • Keep old and new equipment separate because your buyers will avoid damaged, outdated equipment that can be only used occasionally. Fix any broken stovetops, knobs, fuses, switches, or other components before you sell them. Also, have an individual pile for items that cannot be repaired.
  • Put your outdated equipment for recycling. Usually, the recycling shops pay well for piles of metal, particularly copper.
  • Analyze your items’ market value. You can contact your nearby suppliers, look online to see how much similar things are selling for and go to auction houses. Knowing the worth of your equipment will help you avoid charging too much or not getting paid enough.
  • You can think of selling them in larger quantities. If you combine all of them together, you can offer a bit lower price to the buyers and sell your equipment much more quickly. 
  • You can use the previous options to find the most interested buyers. Overall, there is no question that this is the finest option for making money and getting rid of used equipment.

Why Auction Company is Better to Sell Used Restaurant Equipment?

Now there remains a question: why do you need to choose an auction company to sell used restaurant equipment? 

Let’s find your answer in the following part:

No Hassle of Carrying Equipment.

When you don’t own the place, you may need to vacate the place. During that time, it becomes tough to remove big pieces of equipment by yourself. Even if you can, it requires a good amount of time and money to store them until you find a buyer.

But it becomes very easy with auction houses at least at JONESSWENSON. We pack up all of your equipment in a single easy transaction and come right to your place. All you have to do is call us and fix a pickup time and date.

The Process is Faster.

You are well aware of your time limitation. So, you will be looking for something that matches up with your requirement. But it is tough to find one like that. 

No worries; an auction company in Texas can assist you with it.

In this regard, JONESSWENSON has a rapid, well-thought-out process. We will come to your place as soon as you contact us to collect the equipment. You will also get paid for your equipment on the same exact day.

Get Rid of All the Used Items.

It is quite challenging to sell smaller pieces of equipment on your own, which leaves you with an unnecessary storage cost and added frustration. But you get the best solution for these with JONESSWENSON.

We will take all of these and sell them on your behalf. We will also ensure you go through the smoothest and easiest process. So, if you are thinking of selling these used equipments, make sure you are getting in touch with JONESSWENSON.

To Wrap Up

Now, you know what the musts are while selling your used restaurant equipment. You can get the best price when you plan to sell them in the correct way, especially when you are having an auction company, like JONESSWENSON. They will not only reduce the hassle of storage but also provide you with the best price for all the items.

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