Jones Swenson Auction Pays for Auction Referrals

Jones Swenson Auction Referral Program

Part of our legacy at Jones Swenson Auctions is working with people who refer us to potential auction opportunities. Whether it is an auction or a personal property appraisal, individuals who provide us with leads can earn up to a 20% referral (20% of our commission or fee).

If you know of a business that is about to close or they have surplus equipment or inventory that needs to be turned into cash, all you have to do is give the owner our name and number. Next give us a call or email and let us know that you spoke with the business owner. If the lead results in an auction, we’ll provide you with compensation. Of course all auction referral information is kept confidential. Many times we are contacted by business owners as soon as they consider closing or liquidating surplus equipment, so the auction referral is on a first–come, first-served basis.  


Below are four examples of referrals with the first qualifying for a 20% referral:

  • The XYZ Manufacturing Company in Dallas, TX is getting ready to close. I know the owners and have spoken to them regarding your services. The owner’s names are Jane and John Smith, and they can be reached at 214-555-5555. They are expecting your call.
  • One of my tenants in San Antonio is in need of selling surplus vehicles and equipment. You should contact Jane Smith in Purchasing at the 123 Rental Company. I will let them know you will be calling.  
  • The ABC Restaurant in Austin has announced they will close in the next couple of weeks. Their owner’s name is John Smith. 
  • I passed by Universal Arcade in Houston and they have a “Closing Soon” sign in the window. 

Get paid for your referrals by contacting us today!

Contact: President & Chief Auctioneer Scott Swenson at or call (512)261-3838.

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