Industrial Equipment Auctions

Industrial Equipment Auctions

Jones Swenson Auctions has helped its clients receive the highest return possible for their industrial and specialty equipment.

Whether your needs involve the disposition of surplus equipment, a complete plant liquidation, or if you are working under a deadline to vacate a facility, Jones Swenson Auctions has the experience to solve the challenges and issues you face.

Our staff is experienced in the logistics required for successfully liquidating an industrial facility including working with rigging companies, disconnecting utilities, removal of large equipment, determining what salvage and scrap metal can be sold and managing timetables for removal.

Used Machinery Auctions

Jones Swenson Auctions has over 35 years of experience in the liquidation of all types of industrial and business liquidation assets.  Here are some examples:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Metal Working Equipment
  • Wood Working Equipment
  • Plastics Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Contractor Equipment
  • Oilfield Equipment

Manufacturing Auctions

Metal Fabrication Equipment

The owners of Phoenix Metalworks are retiring and have ordered all equipment sold at auction with no reserves.

Cat Spring, TX

Texas Prototype Machine & Repair, Inc.

Machine Shop Equipment / Online Auction – Complete Liquidation/ Don’t miss this opportunity to buy well maintained machine shop equipment at your price!

Ft. Worth, TX

Aeronautics / Aerospace Auctions

Aircraft Engine Repair Shop Liquidation

After over 20 years in business, Air Concepts Repair Technologies, Inc. has closed its doors. All remaining equipment will be sold with no reserves!

Rockwall, TX

Lockheed Martin – Manufacturing & Material Handling Equipment

Major Defense Contractor – Surplus Equipment Online Auction. Two Auctions – San Antonio, TX. Auction # 1 Closes May 11th: Manufacturing & Material Handling Equipment. Auction # 2 – Ends May 12: Executive Office Furniture & Cafeteria Equipment

San Antonio, TX

Nex-Tech Aerospace

100,000 SF manufacturing facility in Dallas, TX is selling Aerospace Manufacturing equipment.

Dallas, TX

Metalworking Equipment Auctions

Caisan Technologies – CNC Equipment & Machine Shop – Online Auction

Caisan Technologies – Round Rock,TX. Complete Machine Shop Liquidation.

Round Rock, TX

Advanced Industrial Metal Fabrication Surplus Auction

Advanced Industrial Metal Fabrication, Inc. has ordered the sale of surplus equipment that is no longer needed in their ongoing operations.  This is an online only auction.  Everything sells with no reserve!

Forestburg, TX

Wood Working Equipment Auctions

CCAM Enterprises, LLC Classic Cabinets Division – Complete Liquidation

State-of-the-Art Cabinet Manufacturing Facility. All Plant Assets Are Being Sold Without Minimums or Reserves. Onsite/Online Auction.

West Valley, UT

Construction Equipment Auctions

A to Z Rental Liquidation Auction

The Owners of A to Z Rental are retiring and have ordered the sale of their equipment & party inventory at public online auction. Much of the equipment was purchased in the last few years. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Georgetown, TX

Generator Service & Sales Company – Liquidation Auction

The owner of GNC Power Systems, Inc. is retiring. All equipment & inventory will be sold at online auction.

Nevada, TX

Contractor Equipment Auctions

Premium Roofing Systems – Liquidation Auction

Premium Roofing Systems in Houston has closed its doors. The owners have ordered all equipment, rolling stock, materials & office equipment sold at online auction with everything sold with no reserves. Also includes ranch and deer lease portable buildings & blinds. BIDDING STARTS JANUARY 10.

Houston, TX

Service Trucks, Concrete Saws, Generators, Skid Loader & More

Ace Concrete Services – Complete Liquidation- Azle, TX

Azle, TX

Government Surplus Auctions

Port San Antonio Surplus – Online Auction

Warehouse & Material Handling Equipment, Pallet Racks, Storage Racks & Much More!

San Antonio, TX

Port San Antonio Surplus – Online Auction 2

Aeronautic Manufacturing Equipment, Forklifts, Manlifts & More.

San Antonio, TX



Please use the form below or call our office for additional information, or if you have any questions or comments. A representative of Jones Swenson Auctions will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

Industrial Auctions

Jones Swenson Auctions has conducted industrial auctions in Texas and across the country for many years. We understand the importance of time and money as they apply to vacating a leased space and leaving a facility as clean as possible when the auction is over. Leaving no stone unturned in the search for every possible buyer, the Jones Swenson representatives gain an insight into the assets for each auction and their specific market. It is this hands-on approach that enables this team to continually be a leader in the auction industry.

Our team understands the importance of each auction realizing the highest dollar return for our clients in the most efficient time frame possible. If a business owner ever has an auction, it will probably only be once in their lifetime, so it is important that it is done right the first time.

Turn-Key Auction Service

Since 1983, Jones Swenson Auctions has been conducting industrial equipment auctions with great success. From start to finish, turn-key services are provided to our clients. There are many parts to a successful auction. The team at Jones Swenson can handle all aspects of the event. From changing locks, overseeing transport of assets to the auction site, performing make-ready, hiring security if needed, arranging for rigging companies or movers to be present to offer services to buyers, to hiring ex-employees to operate machinery, the team at Jones Swenson knows what needs to be done and how to do it efficiently.

Industrial Auction Marketing

The Jones Swenson marketing strategy for industrial auctions is to thoroughly research the market, determine demographics of key buyers, and execute a targeted advertising plan to attract the best buyers to your auction. Many times the buyers are already in our database!


How the auction is presented to the public is one of the key ingredients to marketing an auction correctly. This begins with the posted reason for the auction. Has the business closed? What is the condition of the assets being sold? Is the equipment surplus to the ongoing operations? Whatever the situation, the marketing team at Jones Swenson Auctions will put together a marketing plan to maximize your auction prices.


A complete marketing budget will be presented with the auction proposal showing where the marketing investment will be spent on a line-item basis. The largest part of the marketing budget will be allocated to online resources including a custom auction info page on the company website, emails, ads on industry websites, social media and some proprietary marketing sources.  

Other areas of a marketing campaign include direct mail, phone calls and signage. To keep the seller informed, a weekly Marketing Update will be emailed to the seller.

Why Choose Jones Swenson Auctions?

Since 1983, Jones Swenson Auctions has been helping industrial business owners to turn assets into cash, whether it is surplus equipment or a complete liquidation.

The Jones Swenson Auctions team of professionals believe in ethical treatment for sellers and buyers. It is the good name of this company that continues to provide dividends to sellers and ease of mind to buyers. Ethical treatment of all parties is a hallmark of Jones Swenson. As President and Chief Auctioneer Scott Swenson reminds everyone, “The auction business is centered on money. Money paid by buyers and received by sellers. Making it all happen is our auction company. We will never do anything to forsake the trust that is placed in us.”

The dedicated and knowledgeable team of professionals at Jones Swenson have years of experience, but still conduct due diligence and research on whatever type of asset that is being sold from the very beginning of the project. Knowledge is paramount to success in every auction.

The last ingredient in the Jones Swenson auction strategy is to take every auction and treat it like it is the only one that exists. Sellers are provided personalized service and kept informed about every aspect of the auction from start to finish.

Contact Us

For a no-obligation conversation about a possible auction of your industrial assets, please fill out the Get In Touch form at the bottom of this page or give a call to President and Chief Auctioneer, Scott Swenson at (512)261-3838 or email

FAQs for Industrial Equipment Auctions

If I have a lien against my equipment, can I still have an auction?

Yes, but it will be necessary to inform the lender that the auction is taking place and they will be receiving the payoff payment directly from the auction company. The lender will in turn need to agree to release the liens against the equipment.

Part of the equipment used by my business is owned personally. Can we include those pieces in the liquidation auction?

Yes, a separate seller’s account can be set up and a separate check for net proceeds can be payable to the seller. It should be noted that if there is a blanket lien covering all equipment used in the business, the lender may consider the personal equipment as collateral as well.

I have a friend with a similar business who would like to sell some of his equipment in our auction. Is that possible?

Yes, it is common to have more than one seller in an equipment auction. Each seller or consignor would have their own account and each piece of equipment would have a respective consignor ID assigned to it so all accounting and net proceed checks are correct.

I have friends who would like to buy some of my equipment before the auction. Is that OK?

Usually it is not advisable to sell items before the auction. Selling items before the auction prevents the auction from being called a “Complete Liquidation”, which is a valuable selling point and an ingredient for success. It is usually better to sell everything through the auction so it is fair for everyone and the seller is guaranteed market value.

Some of the equipment that will be in my auction needs to have oil drained or a electrical disconnect. Some of the equipment will need to be “blocked” before loading. Should I do these things now before the auction?

Ask the auction staff. Sometimes, it is best to do these disconnect tasks after an inspection day is complete. If videos can be made of the equipment working, then the disconnect process can start anytime after the videos are made. The key is to provide the bidders with proof the equipment is in working order.

We store personal items in our manufacturing facility. They are mixed in with the company equipment we will be selling the auction. Can I leave those personal, non-auction items where they are or should I remove them?

It is best to remove all non-auction items from the auction site prior to the auction set-up. This prevents any possible confusion in what is to be sold or not. The auction staff is at a disadvantage when there is any question about a piece of equipment being included in the auction or not.